• Impulsamos el
    crecimiento de la industria

Qué hacemos

Contribuimos a la productividad ininterrumpida y al crecimiento de la industria de manera eficiente a través de un servicio integral de transporte con los más altos estándares de seguridad.

Desde la planificación e ingeniería hasta la ejecución, entregamos una solución especializada a cada cliente en su rubro.

  • Ensuring efficiency
    in the industry


At Acoinsa, we have a long history in the mining industry. This together with our wide range of state-of-the-art equipment for the transport and lifting of heavy cargo allows us to increase our efficiency, optimize deadlines to comply with established times, as well as ensure safety in the services we offer to make our customers' operations more profitable.

We are proud to say that we serve the main mining companies in the country as well as their contractors. We control the implementation from the initial planning stage to the logistics and maintenance operations, also providing advice on the safest and most efficient way to successfully carry out each project.

Our ongoing commitment towards the development of the mining industry focuses on always operating with the highest standards, because we want to support those who put their trust in us to improve their productivity. Our long history of successful implementation in a wide array of mining projects allows us to surpass the initial expectations.

  • Planning with accuracy
    and innovation

Previous analysis

The thoroughness of our services is based on solid foundations, and this is cemented in meticulous planning, where the solutions we offer start with the recognition of the routes, studies and technical evaluations of the necessary conditions for an accurate and rigorous execution. We are more than a service provider. At Acoinsa, we want to be the expert consultant that overcomes all challenges, because we know that contributing to mining development requires efficient and reliable planning.

We conduct engineering, route and bridge studies to advise our clients on the optimal way to move their cargo, while mitigating negative impacts. In this way, through exhaustive analysis, accurate planning and innovative engineering, we can provide solutions to meet each client's needs.

  • Integrating solutions to
    ensure productivity

Planing and Equipment

At Acoinsa, we work to design smart solutions to ensure our productivity. Synergy is the key. Therefore, once we have the scope established, we plan the needs based on the type of project and its specific requirements through constant and direct communication that guarantees the perfect execution.

We meet different requirements, including studies and conditioning works on routes and bridges as well as transportation with a modern fleet of units specially implemented for general cargo, HAZMAT and Chemical Supplies and Controlled Goods cargo, oversized cargo, sulfuric acid, concentrate, crane rental, and lifting equipment.

  • Acoinsa
    Mejoramos la operatividad
    de la industria

Logistics Operation

Our warehouses are strategically located in Callao and Arequipa. There we receive and carefully organize the goods in transit using cranes, forklifts, and specialized personnel for such task. This allows us to optimize the operations of our customers, which ultimately translates into more efficient business.

  • Acoinsa
    Improving operativity
    in the industry


Our operational capacity goes beyond offering efficient solutions for the cargo transportation service in general. Our interest extends to the fulfillment of our clients' objectives and the productivity that an impeccable service such as the one offered by Acoinsa can guarantee for the operational continuity of a project of any size.

Therefore, we work considering the conditions and requirements of each case to ensure mine maintenance through all the equipment that make up the Acoinsa fleet. In this sense, we have at your disposal cranes from 50t onwards, truck cranes, forklifts, as well as manlifts. We also offer specialized machinery for road maintenance, earthworks, and maintenance of mining shovels with hydraulic jacking systems and skids.

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