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We are the leading strategic ally that has created solid and trustworthy relationships in more than 33 years of proven track record. We managed to establish ourselves by offering comprehensive solutions in transportation and lifting of heavy cargo, oversized cargo, hazardous cargo and general cargo, as well as in crane rental, special maneuvers and project engineering.

We believe in long-term relationships; therefore, we work with the highest standards of efficiency in service planning and implementation.

We know that the solutions we offer add significantly to our customers' efforts in their constant search for increased productivity and efficiency.

This motivates us to reach higher every day. We have been working for more than three decades with satisfied clients and in continuous growth, since we know that we are part of the productive contribution that fosters the growth of our clients and Peru.

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Make it, don’t fake it. We start from this premise to develop as a comprehensive company that in the performance of its actions can assume the challenge of remaining an efficient company while fulfilling customer needs. Our quality contribution is based on a strategic implementation that respects the environment and strictly complies with occupational health and safety standards. For this reason, we renew on a regular basis all the certifications that endorse us.

We believe that the future we build can be sustainable, so we consider each project as a far-reaching logistical challenge. Arriving at remote territories and extreme climates will always pose a challenge, but this is where our services provide smart, efficient, and safe solutions with the world’s highest quality standards and our certifications guarantee it.

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Industries we serve

We know that the different industries we serve experience complex logistics challenges, which involve extreme factors such as remote or inaccessible locations with harsh climates. This constantly motivates us to find smart and safe solutions.

We serve the following industries: Mining, Energy, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, and Wind Energy. We have the operational capacity to cover all the necessary aspects for a flawless execution, from the previous planning and analysis based on innovative engineering to the most demanding implementation considering the specific needs of each client's industry.

At Acoinsa, we seek to boost with our services the uninterrupted productivity and growth of the different industries driving the country through efficient and profitable solutions, mitigating at the same time negative impacts to only achieve optimal results.

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Ethics Hotline

At Acoinsa, we are aware of the importance of moving forward with solid values and unwavering codes of ethics. We want to continue contributing to the industry that drives Peru, but not only through what we do, but also through how we do it, with efficiency but also with transparency.

Our focus is to create value for our clients and foster the growth of their businesses. We have a great responsibility and commitment to carry out our work with integrity, respect and in full compliance with the law. This is the basis that guides our work.

Compliance Guide: Ethics Hotline: This is a mechanism for customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders to report behaviors that contravene Transportes Acoinsa Compliance Guide through our hotline or via email.

Hotline: (+511) 6136860 Anexo 110

E-mail: [email protected]

Integrated Management System

The entire Acoinsa team is aligned to maintain the highest international standards that govern us as a company. Therefore, we implement across the board the necessary guidelines that guarantee quality, environmental management, as well as occupational health and safety in each of our processes.

Thanks to these guidelines we have managed to improve our performance as a company every year, as well as our internal and external communication and organizational culture.

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Sustainability Report

A transparent, responsible and reliable policy is the basis for sustainable development. Our strategy to remain a socially responsible company is based on making a positive contribution to the industrial sectors in which we operate.

We want to look to the future with the hope of building a more responsible world by voluntarily adopting best operating practices to create economic, social and environmental value.

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